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Three Candidates qualify for Worth Sheriff

May 4, 2008

Worth County-The race for Worth County sheriff is underway, and three candidates have qualified to run for the job.

One is a long time incumbent who wants more time, while the other two people vying for the position also have some law enforcement experience under their belt.

Mike Hill is a former GBI Agent and Tommy Adams is a Worth County Deputy.

After 18 years as a deputy in Worth County, Tommy Adams wants a change. "Each person that comes into a different position wants to make things better, not only for the community but for the department as a whole," said Adams.

If elected, he wants to see changes such as introducing a chaplain into the department, as well as bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community.

He also wants to increase the pay for deputies. "I think if you got good quality people here trained people that have been here and that will be here you tend to have a happier community," said Adams.

In order to reach those goals, Adams has some competition from a long-time incumbent.

Freddie Tompkins has been the Sheriff in Worth County since 1973. "We strive to protect and serve the people of the county, and try to protect people as much as we can and work to try to keep crime down, and drugs down," said Tompkins.

Both candidates said ridding drugs from the county is something that must constantly be worked on.

"Basically it's something you have to work on all the time, you can't sit down because if you do it'll flood you out," saidTompkins.

This is Tommy Adams' second run for sheriff, Adams said he has learn a lot from his last campaign. "I learned a lot the last time, I learned that how people receive you is important, and what you put out there is the most important to the people."

Hopefully what he and the other candidates put out there, will resonate with citizens in Worth County.

"Well I just hope if people got confidence in me that they'll re-elect me and I hope try to do the best I can," said Tompkins.

There is no doubt all the candidates will try their best to win come election time.

Mike Hill the other candidate vying for the position, did not return our calls in time for this story.


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