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Meth lab explosion

May 3, 2008

Albany--An explosion at an Albany home had the house in flames, sent one man to the hospital, and caused dozens of neighbors to be evacuated from their homes.

The explosion happened in the sixteen hundred block of Maryland Drive, off of Dawson Road, where the meth lab exploded.

Streets were blocked off, and neighbors were trying to figure out what happened.

"I was walking my mom to my front door, and we heard something that sounded like a gunshot, and paused to make sure nobody was shooting." Said April Moris, a next door neighbor.

But it was no gunshot the house across the street form April Moris was in flames.

"Officers were initially called out to a shooting when they arrived they realized it was much more than a shooting when they arrived the realized that a meth lab had exploded." Said Phyllis Banks, APD Spokesperson.

After opening the door April heard screaming, went outside, and noticed 20-year-old Matt Olsen laying on the ground covered in blood.

Not knowing what happened April did what she could to help.

"I grabbed some towels out of my house and ran across the street and he was just in a mess" Said April Moris.

Because of the toxic gases released in the fire some neighbors had to leave their homes. The Albany Fire Department did their best to put the fire out and get firefighters away from the scene.

"We knocked the fire out as quickly as we could and pulled our personnel out to not expose them to no more hazards." Asst. Fire Chief Allen Carvey, Albany Fire Department.

Witnesses said the victim had gashes and cuts on his arm, crying in pain.

"he just kept saying, you know, ask the lord to forgive me, I'm sorry, just pray for me and you know I did that. I prayed to him and tried to stop the bleeding."

Those close to the victim who were at the scene today were clearly shaken by what happened.

"At this point we do believe there was only one person inside." Said Phyllis Banks.

Olsen was the only one inside and now several law enforcement agencies are trying to clean up the scene, as he recovers from his injuries at the hospital.


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