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Senator Chambliss' view on the economy

May 2, 2008

Tifton--With high gas prices pushing the price of most other goods and services up, people are doing what they have to to get by.

Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss says Congress realizes the economy is hurting.

"We are in a slowdown I don't know whether recession is the right word or not but certainly anyone who has lost their job anybody who's loosing their home know very well we're in some very tough times. We're looking at gas prices higher than they've ever been in my lifetime."

The federal government is trying to help with the tax rebate checks headed out to millions of Americans, and various tax cuts on the way.

"What we've done, us policy makers is we've passed two stimulus packages one is to send money to people to put in their pockets, hopefully they'll go out and spend it." Said Chambliss.

With the price of food also on the rise many Americans will have to cancel trips and make sacrifices to fill the tank.

"Like I said I'm going to postpone my trip this year because of gas prices" Said Worth County resident Betty Dickinson.

She was going to travel to Virgina.

Georgia's Senior Senator said there are tax provisions in place for small businesses as well, not only to keep current employees.

The tax cuts will allow them to expand their businesses. That's how he says we can jump start the economy.

Roxi robertson said it's expecially hard for her children.

"You have to tell your kids no they can't have certain things on trips because you have to pay at the pump" Said Roxi Roberts, she was traveling from Columbus to her home in Florida.

The job outlook is not good and food prices are high but most people we spoke with say gas prices are their biggest concerns.

Roxi says she has to pack a cooler, instead are buying food on the road.

"you have to pack a cooler, instead of eating out, you have to tell your kids no you can't have certain things on trips".

The senator also supports the gas tax holiday, backed by presidential candidates Senator Clinton and Senator McCain. Senator Obama opposes the gas tax holiday.

The gas tax holiday which Senator Chambliss supports, would run from Memorial day to Labor day.

It will take the 18 cent federal tax away when you're filling up at the pump.



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