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Manhole covers stolen for metal

May 2, 2008

Albany -- Metal thieves have taken more than a dozen manhole covers and storm drainage lids, creating a real danger for the community.

 Sewer maintenance workers replaced this storm drainage catch basin lid at Enterprise and Yorktown Avenue in East Albany Friday. The lid was reported missing several days ago,  exposing the 8-foot deep hole to the bottom of the storm drain.

 So far 14 have been stolen in the last 30 days. The cast-iron lids weigh more than 60 pounds each.

 City officials think they're being stolen for the metal and sold for salvage. Albany Public Works Director Phil Roberson said "a pedestrian could walk into it. If a manhole cover is missing, a car, or a bicycle, or a motorcycle could fall into it. Then there is the cost. Those items are over one hundred dollars apiece."

Public works officials are now out of covers and ordered more.

 Now they're asking for your help. If you see anyone removing lids, get a tag number and call the Police.

Public works employees legitimately working on those lines will drive City trucks and wear reflective safety vests like these employees.


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