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Man jailed after child's death

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May 2, 2008

Albany --   A child death investigation is underway in the case of a three year old South Albany boy who died Friday morning at his home.

 Investigators won't say what caused the child's death, but the man who was keeping the child, Vincent Soilberry, is being held on other warrants at the Dougherty County jail. Prosecutors tell us they have not charged anyone, but their investigation continues. 

Three-year-old Shondarius Roney was found dead in his home at 2216-A South Jackson Street about 10:30.  His mother is Shaquita Bell.  Investigators say Soilberry called 911 Friday morning.     

A neighbor, Mary Williams, ran over to the house when the ambulance pulled up.  She stood with Soilberry as the child was taken by ambulance to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.       

Williams said she saw the child's clothes piled by the bathtub in a water soaked bathroom in the back of the duplex. 

"The mother was at work, and they did make contact with her to let her know what had happened.  The father, me, and one other neighbor, we had to just really stand with him.  Because he was like in a state of shock.  He was just like in a total blank.  He was just like he was lost," said Mary Williams.

Authorities say Soilberry is not the father of the child but was taking care of the child today.  

An autopsy will be performed soon at Atlanta's GBI Crime Lab to determine the cause of the three year old's death.