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Kids volunteer to help feed hungry

May 2, 2008

Cairo-- Food prices continue to rise here at home and overseas.  Food riots have broken out in Haiti, Egypt, Bangladesh and other nations.  Thursday, President Bush announced he wants Congress to approve $770 million in global food aid.  

And here in South Georgia, kids are going to Cairo.   They're using their free time to do what they can to feed hungry people all over the world.  

A group of 4th and 5th graders from the Whigham school have their system down pat.  Fifth grader Caleb Denton said, "Its really fun and you get to be with friends."  But for these kids, there's something even more special about their after-school activity.  "You know you're helping other people around the world and here. You just feel good about that," added Denton.

Its called Kids Against Hunger. Its a national organization, but Melvin and Anne Horne set up a satellite here in Cairo to put together these packages of food to ship all over the world.  "We have 4 ingredients that we put together: rice, textured soybean protein, dehydrated vegetables, and chicken fat and vitamins," said Anne Horne.  "We sent in over 200,000 meals into Haiti alone, we sent in about 21,000 meals to Honduras, we're getting ready to ship 12 pallets into the Sudan."

They've already sent out 1 million meals. But being completely donation driven and the cost of fuel rising, "Donors, where freight has been sort of an aside, you know now freight is one of the major components," explained Melvin Horne.  And with limitations put on rice, "We ordered the pallet of rice. But like the day before they called and said rice was on limited supply, and so we barely got our 42 bags of rice.  I don't know how that's going to play out yet," Anne said. 

Its getting tougher. But the kids will keep coming, because they know they're making a difference.  "I've maybe helped prevent people from dying because of this food," Denton said proudly.  They can only hope donations will keep coming in too.

The Kids Against Hunger organization estimates 40 thousand children die every day from starvation and hunger related diseases. To find out how you can contribute, go to the Kids Against Hunger website.



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