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Wildcats Corner with Quarterback Cecil Lester

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May 1, 2008

Albany - The South Georgia Wildcats take their unbeaten road record to Texas for a battle with the Austin Wranglers.

For more on the big game quarterbackCecil Lester talks with receiver P.J. Berry in this week's  "Wildcats Corner".

Cecil Lester said "Hey we are back. I am Cecil Lester and we are here with P.J. Berry. He is one of the best on the team. Catching, running after the catch and all of those things. Whatever you need. He might go get you some popcorn too. We are playing the Austin (pause) Berry "Wranglers" Lester "We are on the road this week. So, we still need your guys support. Here we are. P.J. Berry this is the sixth week of the season and how do you feel about this game."

P.J. Berry said "I feel great. We had a good day of practice today. We caught all of our balls. We caught quite a few. So, I feel good about this game."

Lester said "Somebody correct me if I am wrong but you are one of the top receivers in the league. How do you feel Austin will defend you this weekend?

 Berry said "I feel like I am good asset to my team. I don't know about top receiver and all that stuff. I take it as a compliment. I don't know really probably zone a lot. A lot of people don't want to play man against us because we have got Buchie (Ibeh) and (Antwone) Savage. We have got a lot of good receivers."

Lester said "Last question for the day on 'Hanging with Cecil". This is probably a question that everybody wants to know. What is the deal with the two up and two down?"

Berry said "I am from Virginia of course. So, the 'V' and the 'A' is two up and two down. My man Pierre Lee also came from Virginia State. I just represent where I am from here in Georgia. I love Georgia because I know this is your hometown. I wouldn't do that to you but I miss home. I have got to represent home."

Cecil Lester said "So, there it is folks. I am Cecil Lester and you are in Wildcats Corner."