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Albany church receives a special proclamation

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April 30, 2008

Albany--Hurricane Katrina was the worst natural disaster in U.S. history.

For thousands of people who volunteered to help people in areas devastated by the storm, thank you was gratitude enough.

But one city in Mississippi is doing more than just saying thanks.

Bay Saint Louis is giving out proclamations to those who lent a helping hand.

An Albany church got one of those proclamations.

The City of Bay St. Louis Mississippi took a direct hit when Hurricane Katrina came ashore.

"In Bay St. Louis is where the eye of the storm came across, our church had 13 feet of water inside" Said Jeffrey Reed.

He is a City Commissioner and a pastor  in Bay St. Louis.

Hundreds of miles away in Albany a friend, and fellow Pastor knew he had to do something to help.

"I told him what could we do and he had plenty of clothing, but he needed some money, and so we were able to collaborate and we were able to try to give them something." Said Bishop Carlos McKibben, pastor of Tabernacle of David Worship Center.

The Tabernacle of David Worship Center raised approximately two thousand dollars to send to the church hundreds of miles away.

Bishop McKibben said he wasn't looking for anything in return.

"I really wasn't looking for nothing it was just an opportunity to help my brother."

But the city of Bay St. Louis thought otherwise.

"I'm going across the nation with proclamations just to go back and tell organizations, and pastors, and presidents of organizations, thank you" Said Jeffrey Reed.

Tabernacle of David Center along with hundreds of other organizations and churches got a personal thank you from Bay St. Louis.

"Whereas Bishop Carlos McKibben and the Tabernacle of David Center Incorporated, extended great support to the city of Bay Saint Louis by supplying Volunteers, and necessities for daily living along with daily prayer." Said Jeffrey Reed.

Thanks to the help of others, Bishop Reed's Church and the City of Bay St. Louis were able to get a good start on the rebuilding process.

Now three years later, this proclamation is truly a fitting tribute for a sharing and caring ministry.