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High fuel prices may change Chehaw's rates

April 30, 2008

Albany -- High fuel prices are eating away at the Parks of Chehaw budget and visitors may end up making up the difference.

The cost of animal feed has increased between 30 to 50 percent. And suppliers that used to deliver the food for free are now charging the park delivery fees.

They also pay high fuel prices to run the park's train and their landscaping equipment. Those costs will affect next year's budget.

"July 1st will be the new budget year for us. And that is when park authority will look at next year's operations and decide how we are going to handle these increases. And its possible that you will see some rate increases at the park," said Executive Director, Doug Porter.

Great spring attendance from school groups is keeping the park afloat right now.

Park managers hope more families from South Georgia will visit them during the summer, instead of spending so much on gas to travel farther away.

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