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Albany looks to property deeds for more money

April 29, 2008

Albany -- Albany City Commissioners are looking at property negotiations that may bring in more money.

The City owns the building where Water, Gas, and Light is housed on Pine Avenue, but WG&L uses it rent-free. That may change, though. The city is considering charging the utility for use of the building.

They are also looking into how much the city pays to use the city commission meeting rooms at the Government Center.

"It was amazing to me that we had rent in our budget and we had maintenance costs in our budget because normally when you have a lease you pay the rent and the owner is responsible for maintenance. And I was just appalled that it was there. So I just need to understand it," said Ward II City Commissioner, Dorothy Hubbard.

The Government Center on Pine Avenue is co-owned by Dougherty County and the City of Albany.


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