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Dougherty's law enforcement unite digitally

April 29, 2008

Albany -- Law enforcement agencies in Dougherty County will all soon be able to access each others files through a new computer program.

The City of Albany's Information Technology Department will install a Criminal Justice Information System.

C.J.I.S. will take all the existing data from programs used by Albany and Dougherty County Police Departments and the Sheriff's office and make it compatible.

"Once it's put in, no matter where it's put in, it gets transferred to all of the to the other agencies within the city and the county. And there won't be any duplication efforts with regards to inputting information," said Information Technology Director, John Antoniewicz.

The District Attorney and Municipal Court will also be able to access the system. Information Technology is asking for $85,000 to pay for two new staff members to help with the conversion and maintenance of this new system.


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