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Truck drivers honk for change

April 28, 2008

Albany--  Trucker's blues at the fuel pumps continue. You may be complaining about record gas prices above $3.50 a gallon but truckers are already paying more than $4 a gallon for diesel prices.

They want lawmakers to do something about it and Monday they made a special trip to demand it.

It was a symphony of horns in Washington, D.C. as truckers let out their frustrations. Signs showed their frustrations also.  Those sentiments are reflected all over the United States.

"Taking a big old bite out of the wallet," said trucker Johnnie Gibson.

Gibson is an owner operator from Florida. He travels as far as Pennsylvania and New York. With these diesel prices, his operating costs have gone up at least $25,000 in less than a year.

"Just for me to operate one truck, just one truck. You couldn't get me to buy another one right now," said Gibson. Truckers don't want to have to make those tough choices. So they circled the National Mall in D.C. before parking their trucks and walking to protest.

"They got some attention and that's a start," said trucker Tommy Pate. It's a start to stop high diesel prices that are well over the $4.00 mark already.

"It's not going to stop there. I believe it's going to get higher," said Pate.

The afternoon hours were spent rallying for something to change. "Just to show people that we are another world out here and we actually care about what happens to everybody, not just us, but everybody," said Pate.

"It's rough," said Gibson.

Gibson likes the fact that concerns are being voiced but isn't too sure anything can come of it all. "I don't think Congress can do anything about it to be honest. A lot of people blame the President, OPEC, but I really don't know who to blame," said Gibson.

But he does know who's having to foot the bill and it's a heavy one being dragged from state to state.

Protestors say they want Congress to stop subsidizing big oil companies. They're also requesting that oil be released from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves to increase supply and bring prices down.

You may say that's bad for the truck drivers but what does it have to do with me? Well, when truckers pay more for gas, the prices you pay for many of the goods they deliver also go up.


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