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Students protest Albany State University's leadership

April 28, 2008

Albany -- Student faces expressed the disappointment more clearly than the words written on the posters they held. "We want a change, we want a change. We feel the school is going in the wrong direction," said Albany State Alumnus, Gilbert Udoto. 

20 alumni, faculty and students protested Monday against the way finances have been handled at the university.

"President Freeman has his chest stuck out because the stadium is payed off, but in all actuality his boss, the chancellor, bailed him out by giving him $1.1 million. And they just happen to find another $1.1 million after he told the student body that there was no money anywhere," said sophomore, Blair Caffey.

These situations have many standing here questioning Dr. Freeman's vision for Albany State.

"It's always been communication that is the root of the problem. If we don't know what's on his mind than how do we know what's going on with the university. He already makes decisions that we know nothing about," said senior, Chuncey Ward.

They also say that Dr. Freeman uses intimidation to avoid any opposition. "A lot of faculty and staff walk around on campus on eggshells in fear of losing their jobs," said Blair.

"I was censored by my advisors at the Student Voice, in my opinion, due to the suggestions by President Freeman. And I felt betrayed by my university."

And now they want to see change. "We want to see one of two things happen. Either for President Freeman to be removed or for him to see the wrong he is doing and try to make some changes," said Blair.

We called Albany State President Everett Freeman several times Monday, but none of those calls was returned. We will continue to try to get his comments on these students claims.


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