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Moultrie criminals rob and shoot

April 28, 2008

Moultrie  --  A Pizza Hut manager was shot and wounded in the latest of a string of armed robberies in Moultrie. Three more robberies happened over the weekend. Police believe the same two men may have held up at least five businesses.

A nearby camera caught two men preparing to rob the Moultrie Pet Center Saturday. Employees say one of the men came through the back door in the middle of the afternoon, preparing his 9 millimeter, telling everyone to get on the floor.

 "He walked back over to me and he stuck the gun to my head and he said 'do you work here'? and I said 'yes I do,'" said Moultrie Pet Center Employee Dale Trull.

That's when he made Trull open the cash register, and took the money in one scoop. On a Saturday typically the store is full of children, luckily there were only seven people in the store, mostly adults.

"Broad daylight, they don't care," Trull said.

Friday night, robbers shot Pizza Hut night manager Norman Fast twice in the legs as they robbed the store. Just a half hour before robbers also hit the Subway, just blocks away. Police have 18-year-old Andre Buie and 19-year-old Anthony White in custody and believe they are responsible for some of, if not all five, holdups.

"When you get a pattern like that, you some times think it may be a possibility that it might be different people, but somehow or another even through disguises, we were kind of getting the same description," Lt. Alfonso Cook of the Moultrie Police Department. 

It's got Moultrie Police encouraging more businesses to be proactive and install surveillance cameras.

"These thieves they look at that, that's one of the things they're looking at when they're casing that place, they're looking to see if there are cameras and see how observant you are," Cook says.

"I told them please be careful, because it doesn't concern them who they walk in on," said Trull.

Dale Trull is encouraging other businesses along First Avenue Southeast to be cautious, her business is already keeping less money in the cash drawer.

Moultrie Police believe the two may also be responsible for robberies at the Waffle House, Paradise Point, and the Dollar Tree.


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