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Judges speak at Darton College Law Day

April 28, 2008

Albany -- Judges say because it's an election year, they think more young people are interested in the workings of their government and court system.

Three Attorneys and Judges spoke at the 15th Annual Law Day Program at Darton College Monday. U.S. District Court Judge Louis Sands said he thinks the Presidential Election has young people studying their nation and law. Sands said "I think they are actually starting to think about what the government is really about, and what their role is in it. "

Superior Court Judge James Sizemore with the Southwestern Judicial Circuit said "it's important people think about and understand a little bit more about the law. We are affected by it everyday."

Also speaking to the Darton Law Day program was State Senator Michael Meyer von Bremen, who is running for a Judgeship on the State Court of Appeals.

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