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Albany Police search for dog fighting suspect

April 28, 2008

Albany -- Albany Police Officers break up a dog fighting session last night in East Albany, but lose two suspects in a chase.

This female pit bull has a scarred eye and face, probably from dog fighting. Just before 8 Sunday night two APD Officers found two men with four dogs chained in a circle in the woods behind a house in the 400 block of Williams Street.

 The two men ran when they saw the officers, and the Police lost them when the dogs tried to attack the officers.

Investigators think one of those men is 19 year old Morris Bernard Hill, and are searching for him. Taneria Green, the owner of one of the dogs, was charged with Inhumane Treatment of animals.

These three dogs, if not claimed by the owner, will be euthanized. They can not be given up for adoption, since they have been involved in dog fighting.


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