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Valdosta companies want you to spend

April 28, 2008

Valdosta - Economic stimulus checks are in the mail and the government's counting on you to spend that extra cash.

That's the point of the checks - to stimulate the economy.

A lot of business are even offering incentives to lure you to shop.

But not everyone's planning a trip.  For some, the governments economic stimulus check is as good as gone.

"More than likely a little bit will go towards fun money. Maybe have some fun with my friends but most of it is going to go towards gas and getting my car fixed," says Ryan Hicks.

"I'm going to use it to pay rent," says Chris McReady.  "I work two jobs and go to school so the extra money will help."

But W.G. Walker hopes they'll reconsider.  "Each of our needs are different and that's where they are going to have to decided where to spend the money and we'd like for some of them to choose us."

He's the owner of Walker Saw Sales and is offering some incentives.  "We took a $399.00 item and dropped it $299.00"

Not only that, but each person who comes into his store will be entered into a gas give-a-way. "They could win a $25.00 gas card to help them with the high price of fuel."

But he's not the only one hoping to lure in the shoppers. Home Depot, Wal-Mart, and Sears are just a handful of companies that will offer rewards to people who spend their checks with them.

And while shoppers we spoke with said this sounds good, they still might need some convincing.

"If my rent is already paid, I'll probably spend it elsewhere," McReady says.

Hicks adds, "I might. If I have anything for school if there's something I see there I really like I might try and do that. But I'll have to wait until I get it to see what I'll actually do with it."

No matter where you spend your money, Uncle Sam hopes it will help the struggling economy get back on it's feet.

Paper checks should begin going out May 9th, the last of them to be delivered by mid-July.


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