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Blaze blamed on birds

April 28, 2008

Albany --  Fire forced four families out of their homes in north Albany Monday, and firefighters believe it may have been started by a bird's nest.  

A light fixture on the back porch of the apartment on 18th Avenue shorted out just before noon.   That caught a chair on fire, which ignited a nearby car, which spread to the roof of a building next door.

Investigators found bird nests in several other light fixtures and believe there may have been one in the fixture that caught fire.

"Most of the fire was on the back side, in and around the car, and into the apartment. As you can see, it looks like it went straight up from the car and into it," said Albany Fire Chief James Carswell.

There was no one home in the two apartment units damaged by the fire. Firefighters estimate the damage at $50,000.

The occupants temporarily moved out of all four units because there's no electricity because of the fire.


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