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Lawn mower converted to use propane

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April 27, 2008

Dougherty County--With the high price of gas, everyone who has to use it, is trying to save money somewhere, even when it comes to lawn care.

It's only a lawn mower but with gas prices more than three dollars and 50 cents a gallon, Thomas Miles decided when his broke, instead of repairing it to use gas he found a new fuel source. Propane.

Miles says it's better all the way around. "Propane is cheaper, lasts longer, go a long way, and it burns cleaner."

After the carburetor on his riding mower needed repairs and Thomas got a quote of almost 250 dollars to fix it, the former mechanic had an idea of his own.

"You're talking about a 250 dollar repair kit just to fix my 13 hundred dollar mower. So I didn't think I could spend that much on a mower, plus with gas prices as high as it is I said I'm gonna convert it over to propane, so I had all the necessary tools around the house and spare parts." Said Miles.

For under 40 dollars he was able to get the necessary parts, and in under two hours he had it working

Thomas says on average the mower cuts his entire yard two to three times on a tank of propane, versus just once with a full tank of gas.

"Oh I think he could do my lawn and I wouldn't have no problem with it. He came over here a while ago just before yall come, and I come back here he about had about half of it, and I think he hadn't been out here ten minutes." Said Mark Nolan, Thomas' neighbor.

With a modified carburetor and a few extra parts, one smart mechanic was able to have his mower ride again without depending on the high price of gas.

"Well I'm gonna use it this summer and see what the disadvantages are going to be and the advantages are going to be I got the 19 inch I'm going to compare these two and see." Said Miles.

Thomas says he used to pay 45 dollars to have his grass cut until he made the repair.

He warns if you don't know what you're doing, and even if you do, contact your manufacturer before altering their product because it could void your warranty.