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First Baptist Church leaves Albany

April 27, 2008

Albany -- Sunday was the last day songs of praise will echo through the walls. "This church has been my life really and truly,  and this is a very sad day for me," said church member for the past 60 years, Elizabeth Loosier.

The congregation, who has worshiped here since 1906, prepares to pack up and move. "What we've done for the past month is have a time for morning and a time for preparation," said Senior Pastor, William "Butch" Knight.

And the process has been heartbreaking for many. "It's been a tough time for a lot of our folks. It's a lot of ministry, a lot of great memories. They've had children born here. They've had weddings," said Knight.

"All of our children were born here. We didn't get married here, but we did meet here in the singles department," said church member for the past 30 years, B. J. Greer.

"I've met some wonderful people here through the years," said Loosier.

And some of them won't be going with the church. "I have a lot of friends who are not going to move, but that was their choice and they have the right to make that choice," said Loosier.

But for everyone else, "This is our church home, and our church family. And wherever they are that's where we'll be," said Greer.

"It's sad because of what it means to us. But we've got the memories in our hearts. And as long as you have them there, they will live on forever. And we can take them with us," said Loosier.

And they will be ready to create new ones in their new location. The first service at the new facility is scheduled to be held next Sunday, May fourth.


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