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Dougherty Schools still consider staggered starting times

April 25, 2008

Albany -- Dougherty County School officials are still considering staggered starting times for school next year.   They say parents should not be concerned that it would mean earlier bus pickups for their students.

School Officials say if anything, the new staggered starting plan would mean less time on buses for the students.

Under the proposal, elementary school students would be picked up at 7:30, and middle and high school students at 8:10, and taken directly to their school. Public Information Director R.D. Harter said "the pick up times will be more efficient. The students will be on the bus less, for a shortened amount of time. Because the buses will be running more direct routes."

Right now officials are considering a plan that would start Elementary Schools at 8 AM, and end the day at 2:30 PM.

The Middle and High Schools would start at 8:30 and end at 3:40.

 The Board will consider the recommendation at their April 30th meeting.


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