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What every parent should know about drugs and alcohol

April 24, 2008

Albany--If your child is using drugs or alcohol, It's not always easy to pick up on the signs.

Thursday night at Darton College, Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit agents talked to parents about how to spot the signs of abuse.

One mother said she goes through her daughter's phone to see what she's up to.

"I randomly check her cell phone, I try to do it once a week, if I work on the weekends, sometimes twice a week if I work on the weekends a lot." Said Ericka Davis.

ADDU regularly conducts seminars for children on the dangers of alcohol and drugs. This was the first one specifically for parents.

"It's useful information for them, we try to let parents know to communicate with your children, they're going to give you a lot more information than you give them credit for." Said Major Derrell Smith with the Albany-Dougherty Drug Task Force.

Darton's Omega Xi Theta and the Criminal Justice Student Association sponsored Thursday's symposium.

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