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Job outlook in Southwest Georgia

April 24, 2008

Albany--The unemployment rate in Southwest Georgia dropped a tenth of a percentage point from February to March.

The area's 5.4-percent rate is still almost a full point higher than last March.

The statewide unemployment rate is 5.3-percent, up 1.2-points from last year.

Those who are unemployed and looking for a job in Southwest Georgia got some help. Darton College held it's 2008 Career Expo. on Thursday, with dozens of companies looking for qualified candidates.

Tracy Strawder has a job now but that won't be the case when the company she works for moves out of state. "Our business is closing, Bridgestone/Firestone, and I'm just looking for another job."

Tracy knows she may not find exactly what she wants, but hopes with her qualifications experience will give her the upper hand in the job market.

Many employers from the medical field were on hand to talk to applicants. Many of the jobs in medicine remain stable no matter the state of the economy.

"You know in a good or bad economy healthcare is always a booming industry, we need people to work in clerical roles to medical records, registration jobs, to nurses." Said Angie Walker, the Phoebe Hospital Senior Recruiter.

Joshua Osondu is a pre-med student at Darton, and says his career outlook is pretty good.

"That's why I'm headed into the medical field so there would be no job loss, I wouldn't worry about not getting a job when I graduate."

Angie Walker from Phoebe said the security that the healthcare field provides is very attractive to job hunters. "You know the healthcare field is very stable, and you know we're always looking for people, and the pay is really good for healthcare positions."

For job candidates at this Expo. the hope is that companies will hire them, taking them out of the pool of those who are unemployed.


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