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Why is murder suspect on the loose?

25-year old Dramoskie Perkins 25-year old Dramoskie Perkins

April 24, 2008

Albany -- A murder suspect is on the loose after he was mistakenly let out of the Dougherty County Jail.

 25-year-old Dramoskie Perkins was released on $15,000 bond April 16th because of a mix-up in a bond document.

The DA's office asked that a witness in the case be granted bond, but somehow Judge Willie Lockette signed an order granting bond to Perkins. He's charged with murdering 23-year old Antonio Daniels on June 18th.

Prosecutors say Perkins and Daniels were trying to rob four people at the Georgian Mobile Home Estates when Perkins shot Daniels in the back of the head with a shotgun. They're not sure if he meant to shoot Daniels.

Dougherty County Sheriff's Officials are working with Perkins' family, trying to convince him to give himself up.

Initially Perkins stayed on the run for nearly a month after warrants were signed for his arrest before he surrendered to Police.

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