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APD: Don't be a jay-walker

April 24, 2008

 - Albany Police say there have been 30 pedestrian car crashes in the last year.   They warn drivers they will hand out tickets for violations in crosswalks.  

On Thursday, Albany Police and Safe Communities held another education sting to warn drivers about pedestrian laws. Officers stopped drivers who did not stop for people walking in the crosswalk on Broad Avenue. The officers gave out 33 warnings in just more than an hour.   

"We want drivers to be aware of pedestrian crosses, and to not bully pedestrians. And to give pedestrians the right of way when they are entitled to it," said Michele DeMott, Safe Communities Coordinator.  

Police say drivers should stop for pedestrians when they are anywhere on your side of the road, not just your lane. But they also say pedestrians need to be in proper crosswalks, not jaywalking.

Officers say this is it for the education campaign. Soon, they'll hold another sting session, but they will give out citations, not warnings.

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