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South Georgia's Pregnancy Rate is Higher than State Average

April 24, 2008

Albany -- Georgia has the 8th highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation.

South Georgia's teen pregnancy rate is higher than the state's average.  It's why the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention held a workshop Thursday in Albany.  

In 2006, Georgia's teen pregnancy rate increased by three percent.

The initiative "Taking Time for Teens" hopes to cut that rate 15 percent by 2015.  Today they met with school nurses, the health department, county schools, and representatives the Lee County Family Connection to assess the community's needs and talk about indicators that influence teen pregnancy. 

They say getting the students involved in the prevention is key.

"Our involvement in today's program the youth and infusion program is very important as school nurses and as nurse educators in the school system just to be able to engage our youth to hear their voice and listen to them to see how they can be involved in either developing a program or just being a part of that program," said Hope Harrelson, PPMH School Nurse.

It's also important to have parent involvement. 

Parents need to monitor their children's activities, be open and honest about the issue, and make sure young adults know where to get contraceptives.


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