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GBI re-opens Calhoun County cold case

April 24, 2008

Calhoun County --  Five years ago, a man's body was found on a South Georgia plantation.

Twenty-eight year old Peter Watson was murdered and dumped in an irrigation ditch on Magnolia Plantation in Calhoun County.

A caretaker checking hog traps at Magnolia Plantation on Highway 62 found Peter Watson's body in an irrigation ditch. Dealing with Watson's death has been particularity hard for his sister.

"We were close we were like two peas in a pod and I really miss him because there wasn't a day go by that he didn't call me or come by to see me," said Melanese Stevenson.

Watson was close to his three children Maurice, Malik, and Peter Junior, and friends describe him as responsible and encouraging.

"He always made sure that I stayed on top of everything, finished school, everything," says Family friend Tiffany Butler.

Not knowing what happened or who did this has made the family's loss tougher to take.

"Why or who that's a hurting thing that bothers my mom every day, it really does. Not a day goes by, that she doesn't talk about it or think about it," said Stevenson.

Watson was last seen leaving Bullard's Mobile Home Park in Newton April 15th. His car was found in Baker County with the doors open and the keys in the ignition, but Newton Police never finger printed it. He worked just down Highway 62 at the peanut plant. Investigators say they don't think witnesses have been upfront with all they know, but family members are betting that someone knows something.

"There's no doubt in my mind. Somebody knows something," said Melanese Stevenson.

Now they're hoping someone will make an anonymous call to the GBI in Sylvester and share any information they might remember about Watson's death. They're hope that information could give investigators what they need to make an arrest and give this family some closure.

Investigators won't tell us Peter Watson's cause of death. They say that's information that only the killer would know and releasing it could hurt their investigation.


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