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Hybrid sales on the climb

April 24, 2008

Lee County -- What might have once been appealing to the eyes of environmentalists and Hollywood movie stars is now catching the eyes of many consumers - especially those fed up with high gas prices.

"It's a little bit more than just a trend. It enables them save money which is important to each and everyone one of us, and also do a little bit for the environment as well," said Rick Boges, senior sales representative for Fairway Toyota in Lee County.

With sales of Hybrid cars up 38% in 2007, Boges says, "This is the absolute hottest car on the planet. There are waiting lists all over the country for cars like the Prius."

The Prius, which was the best selling Hybrid in 2007, is one of 3 Hybrids manufactured by Toyota. The Corolla and the Highlander SUV are the other Toyota makes with Hybrid technology. 

Hybrid vehicles range in cost from $25,000 to $45,000. But if you really want to talk prices, look no further than the MPG.

"48 miles around town. 45 miles out on the highway. In some instances, we have  customers telling us that they get in the 50's on the fuel economy. But it all depends on the way your drive," said Boges.

And with no end in sight as far as rising fuel prices, Hybrids seem to be coming right along at just the right time.

"As far as fuel, as far as cutting down on dangerous emissions, the Hybrids will really fit the bill for all of the above," said Boges.

While Toyota leads the pack in Hybrid sales, other auto manufacturers are following suit including Mazda, Chevrolet, and Lexus.

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