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Code Red emergency system now active

April 23, 2008

Albany--You now have a new level of protection from natural disasters and other emergencies in Dougherty County.

The city and county invested in a new Code RED Emergency Notification System.

It is now ready to warn you by phone if a disaster threatens your area.

If your home is in the path of a tornado, or if police order an evacuation of your area, emergency workers can now immediately notify you with Code Red.

"It's a early warning notification system, to help all the residents in the City of Albany and County of Dougherty, to receive early warning notification about natural, or man made type disasters." Said Jim Vaught, Dougherty County Deputy EMA Director. 

The reverse 9-1-1 system is so advanced, it could target a neighborhood in the direct path of a tornado and warn families to take cover.

The Albany-Dougherty Emergency Management Agency will use the phone book to get a majority of the numbers in the county, but still need citizens to register for the automated tornado and flash flood warnings.

Randy Taylor lives in Dougherty and says he's willing to sign his family up for the program.

"You would have time to prepare yourself, like I said for whatever disaster it may be, time is valuable, time is life."

You can also register your cell phone as long as you have an county address within Dougherty County. If you don't have Internet access at home, you can get online at a public library to sign up.

Emergency management officials warn the system is only as good as the numbers in it. If your phone number isn't registered, you won't be called.

The system is active and now it's up to you to register.

Visit  scroll to the center of the page and click on Code Red.

For a direct link click here:


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