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Colquitt girl on her way to "big shot" status

April 23, 2008

Colquitt-- Fourteen-year-old Victoria Henley's parents say they've always known she's has "star quality". "I've been singing ever since I could walk basically," Victoria says.  Among her other talents: modeling acting and comedy.

"She is like a jack of all trades. When she sets her mind to something she goes for it," says Victoria's mother Lynn.  Victoria put her mind to the "Big Shot Live" online talent contest.  "My friend was watching a WALB show and she saw a commercial for it and she said 'Oh Victoria you might just want to enter and give it your best shot' and I said ok so I put some videos on the website," explains the teen. 

Contestants post videos or pictures showcasing their talent in up to six categories, and people vote on their favorites. Victoria entered three and hoped for the best.  "I knew it was a national contest so I didn't expect that much to come out of it and then a few weeks later I looked and I was in the top 10 so I was ecstatic," she says.

"When she went so far with it we were very excited, that got us even more involved," adds her mom.  Right now Victoria is ranked in the top 5 in both comedy and modeling and the top 20 for acting. 

She says she owes a lot to her community getting online and voting.  "We're all like family we all know one another. I think they're really eager to see one of their hometown girls make it to the top," says Victoria.  The winner in each category will win a trip to Hollywood but Victoria says she's already won.  "Even if I'm never famous I'm ok with that because I'm really just enjoying being where I am right now," she says.

Through the contest Victoria has already made some important contacts in the modeling world so she's well on her way to becoming a big shot.   To vote for Victoria or any of the other Big Shot contestants, or to become one yourself, go to the homepage and look for the link to the contest.




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