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You can still have a summer vacation despite high gas prices

April 21, 2008

Albany -- The cost of relaxation has sky rocketed causing many families to change their summer plans. "We may do a little something this year. Maybe go to the beach, said Cassandra Williams.

"A lot of families just don't have the income to go where they want too. So they are just taking shorter trips. Most of them are traveling to Orlando," said referring travel agent, Curtis Dixon.

And you can blame the price increases on higher gas prices. "Since the fuel cost is going up, it is also hurting the cruise lines and the air lines. And they are passing it down to the customers," said Dixon.

Though people can expect to see higher air fares and baggage fees , travel agents say there are still ways to find a bargain. The key is to start planning early.

"A lot of companies are putting out the hotels and giving you better rates. Cruise lines, you can get a better rate on a cruise line if you book early. The closer you get to that deadline date, the higher they will be," said Dixon.

You can also save by asking. "It's always best to ask for any discounts. If you have AAA or are a senior citizen, just always ask for any discounts that are available, said Dixon.

And if you are driving to your destination, ask a friend to come along. "I recommend that two or three families get together and get vans. It will come out cheaper that way," said Dixon.

People looking to get away can save money this summer if they start early and stay flexible with their plans.

Researching fuel costs will keep you from under budgeting your trip. You can calculate those costs online by using AAA's fuel cost calculator.


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