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Citizens work to keep the scene clean

April 19, 2008

Albany -- Hundreds took part in a community clean-up Saturday morning.

Albany citizens, government officials, police officers, and even Young Marines didn't let a few rain drops keep them from picking up trash throughout Dougherty County.

Saturday morning those volunteers were divided into 67 teams that covered about 80 miles. They hope that their work will inspire others to keep their communities clean.

'We have to set the example. We are out here picking up the trash. Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful has done this for about 16, 17 years. We just want to be apart of whatever is good for our community and want to encourage our citizens to the same," said Ward II City Commissioner, Dorothy Hubbard.

Over 1,800 people signed up for Saturday mornings clean-up to help "Keep the Scene Clean". Those volunteers picked up trash for about two hours.

Saturday's clean-up didn't just stop with litter. There were also five locations collecting tires.

Citizens were encouraged to drop any unused tires on their properties at any of the locations to be disposed of free of charge.

Those tires would then be taken to Dougherty County's Landfill to be recycled. Old tires on properties are not only an eye sore, but it is also unhealthy.

'It creates a lot of mosquitoes, and they carry all kinds of diseases. So that is why we are trying to get every tire here if possible that we can, to keep the mosquitoes from biting people," said Solid Waste employee, Gregory McAfee.

Property owners should always drain any standing water. Mosquitoes breed and lay their eggs in those puddles.


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