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Greenway trail expansion is a hit

April 18, 2008

The second phase of the city's Greenway trail is now open. It runs almost to Chehaw Park.

The downtown portion of Greenway Trail gets plenty of use, and now walkers and bikers have more track to enjoy.

Doug Porter is the Executive Director of Chehaw Park and says he welcomes the new addition. "Now the next phase coming up in this direction will bring the trail all the way out here to Chehaw Park."

Porter says the park will continue with it's own trail inside the park, once ATI finishes the next phase of the project.

"We'll have some kind of a welcome center to show that they've arrived out here, then a paved system that would link various elements in the park, from out ticket booth to the shelters all the way back into the zoo. We want people to be able to ride their bikes or however they're going to get out here from downtown the aquarium to all the way out here to the zoo at Chehaw. "

Right now the trail runs from the sidewalk near the Albany Civic Center, and ends at Cox Landing Park. In the next phase of the project ATI plans to continue the trail East on Philema Road to Chehaw Park.

"They're folks that now have the opportunity to come out here, in fact I was talking to some Albany state students out here last night and they're kind of excited because and Albany State student can hop on their bike out there and come all the way out here to the zoo if they want to they can't do that now because traffic is just too bad." Said Doug Porter.

ATI plans to address the traffic safety concerns by building a bridge over Philema Road. The proposed overpass on Philema Road will look similar to this one on West Oakridge Road and allow cyclists and pedestrians to get across the roadway safely.

James Holt walks the trail every day, and loves the idea the trail will be end in Chehaw Park.

"I don't have to drive but five and a half miles from my house, but I'd rather drive that five and a half miles to come over here and walk this trail instead of having to walk around my neighborhood."

With money for the project in hand once ATI completes the next phase of the Greenway walkers and riders like James Holt will have a lot more pavement to pound.


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