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Victims of crime honored in Thomasville

April 18, 2008

Thomasville-- Victims of violent crimes are being honored around Georgia this week as part of National Crime Victims' Rights Week. In Thomasville, law enforcement officers, elected officials, prosecutors and many others gathered in front of the Thomas County Courthouse for the 28th year in a row to honor victims of violent crime like Mary Jean Guion.  "I was stabbed numerous times. My throat was cut, my left thyroid was cut, and my jugular vein was nicked and my arm was cut," explained Guion.

With a captive audience, Guion told the story of 2 years ago when a female coworker attacked her with a knife, almost killing her.  "The doctors told me that I wouldn't make it, but through God and strength, I'm still here today to be able to tell everyone there is hope," said Guion. 

Today's ceremony not only recognized victims but also thanked victim advocates, committed to serving their needs. "We've got people that's been hurt of injured or displaced by crime you know, there needs to be some recognition, some compensation for those people especially those who are seriously hurt or injured," said Thomas County Sheriff, Carlton Powell.

As a single parent raising 5 children, Guion says the support from victims advocates helped them get back on their feet.  "The victim advocates they helped me with most of my medical bills. I had to have a lot of surgery and I'm getting ready to go back for more surgery," said Guion.  And just as important, they provided emotional support.  She continued, "When I have other people like the support groups to hear me, they fully understand what I'm going through."

Powell said, "I think its for the whole community to see that there's not just the person who committed the crime but there's a victim out there who's paying the price for what that person may have done to them." Guion says despite the pain she still feels, she hopes her message might give hope to other victims and survivors.

Mary Jean Guion's attacker was convicted and is still in prison.




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