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Cloman brings new attitude to Wildcats

April 18, 2008

Albany - When South Georgia Wildcats quarterback Andrico Hines makes his first start Saturday night against Green Bay, he will have plenty of talented receivers to throw the football.

One of those is Scott Cloman.

Cloman, who was one of three Wildcat receivers to have more than 1000 receiving yards last season, is back with the team after he was released two weeks ago by the Georgia Force.

Cloman, who has played in the NFL, says the AFL experience was good for him because he was reminded of the work ethic it takes to play at the higher levels.

He has brought that work ethic back to the Wildcats where it is certain to spread to his teammates.

Scott Cloman said "Just practicing hard and being perfect. Fininshing everything you do as far as catching the ball.  Getting up field. I think it is definitely going to help me here."

Scott Cloman caught 3 passes in his first game back with the Wildcats Monday at Daytona Beach.

Wildcats play Green Bay Saturday night night at 7:30 p.m. at the Albany Civic Center.

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