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Downtown on eBay

April 17, 2008

Albany -- It's bon voyage for yet another downtown business.  Downtown Live is planning to relocate to northwest Albany. It's the second business of its kind to do so in recent months following the departure of Harvest Moon.  Envy, a women's clothing boutique, is moving as well.

But will this relocation trend attract neighboring businesses to do the same?

"Most of the businesses here are having the deomgrahpics of traffic being an issue. We are an institution here, so what we're trying to do is expand on all opportunities as far as what we have here as traffic," said downtown business owner William Livingston.

Livingston, who owns New York Fashions, says he has new ideas that he's trying to put in place to attract customer flow to his downtown business.

But in a new venture proposed last week by downtown property owner Peter Studl, downtown Albany is already on the world map, or the world wide web map, so to speak. Studl has posted 25 of his downtown properties on eBay. It's a package deal worth $12.5 million in a downtown area known more for it's vacancies and blight than its booming establishments.

With no word on if there have been any takers, Livingston still remains optimistic for the success and growth of his downtown business.

"As long as we can continue to get a main flow of traffic and people, we'll be able to remain  here," said Livingston

And while this business owner is calling on customers, Studl is urging the likes of Oprah, Obama, and Bill and Melinda Gates, among others, to buy a piece of downtown.

With this call for buyers with big pockets - perhaps the Warren Buffett Buffet could be in downtown's future.

The ad was posted on eBay April 8th and will run for 30 days. The package deal includes 250,000 square feet of building space.


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