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National Start Walking Day commences

April 16, 2008

Albany -- Ready, set, walk. On Wednesday, organizations and companies throughout the country stopped working and started walking.

The initiative is part of National Start Walking Day sponsored by the American Heart Association. At Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital about a thousand employees signed up to walk. They hope it will catch on in the community.

"Hypertension is on the rise, high blood pressure is on the rise, get up off that couch, get busy start exercising. We want people to take three days out of the week, anywhere for thirty to forty minutes a day and just start walking. Today is a beautiful day, beautiful weather just go on and get on out there and walk." Said Julian Maddox, Phoebe Health Works Director.

Phoebe provided $25,000 for the Start Program in Albany and challenged other companies to sign up. The fit-friendly hospital says the goal is to decrease healthcare costs and increase productivity.

Companies interested in joining Start should call the American Heart Association at 229-883-5858.


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