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Lee Schools employee found in contempt

April 15, 2008

Lee County--  A Lee County School System employee was threatened with jail time Tuesday when a judge found him in contempt of court.

Lee County Schools Transportation Director Ricky Canterbury failed to bring video evidence to a court hearing. Cherran Carter was charged with disorderly conduct after trying to talk to a bus driver about a fight that involved her son.

Chief Magistrate Court Judge Jim Thurman ordered Canterbury to bring bus surveillance video of the fight and the confrontation between the mom and driver to court.

Carter's attorney Patrick Eidson says one of the videos mysteriously disappeared and Tuesday, Canterbury told the judge he simply didn't have the other one.

"He admitted that that tape would have either exonerated or convicted my client or exonerated or convicted the bus driver. He then admitted that the court had ordered him to produce the tape and he calmly and defiantly just said 'I don't have the tape'," said Eidson.

That's when Canterbury was found in contempt and ordered to spend 48-hours in jail or pay a $200 fine. He paid the fine. Due to lack of the evidence, the case was dismissed.  

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