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Home video catches crooks

April 15, 2008

Shingler --  A Worth County man who caught thieves stealing his trailer on a home security camera hopes you can help police identify them.  

Phillip Lumpkin lives in Shingler, and he put up a video camera because he's been a victim of crime before.   Monday night, the video shows two men pulling onto his property to steal a trailer used to haul ATVs.

The man you see pulling up in the El Camino has been arrested by the Sheriff's office. Lumpkin hopes someone may recognize that man's friend highlighted in the bottom left hand corner checking the trailer.    

"By knowing the one guy, it's one of his friends and I think certainly somebody from the Ashburn area will be able to ID this guy pretty easily," said Lumpkin.  

Anyone with information should contact the Worth County Sheriff's office. This is the second time Lumpkin's property has been stolen.

Vandals took law equipment from his home in August.

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