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NEOS will have kids moving

April 15, 2008

Albany -- Children in Albany will soon have a new reason to get of the couch. The City Parks and Recreation Department will get two new interactive playground systems.

NEOS is made up of multiple plates. The system is six and half feet tall and 15 and a half feet wide. Two or more children can play the game that provides its players with a full-body experience.

There are also multiple levels within this system that will give kids a video game feel.

"We do know that kids like to play video games, and usually that is fairly sedentary. This is active. It does have that physical movement, but it also has a video game type of quality. It flashes. It makes noises. It beeps. It is really interactive," said Director of Parks and Recreation, Susan Davis.

The NEOS playground systems will be installed in six weeks at the Thorton and Henderson centers. The systems are portable. So the city will have them available at special events.


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