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High school students register for election

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April 15, 2008

Albany --  South Georgia high school students say they are very excited about the 2008 presidential election, and many stood in line to register so they could vote in November.

The students are already getting ready to cast their first vote in what they feel will be an historic election.

Albany High School student Henry Shuler spent part of his lunch break Tuesday registering to vote. "I think it will be good to change history a little bit," says student Henry Shuler.

Joshua Ewings also stood in line to register to vote, and was glad to see many of his classmates joining him. "If more kids registered to vote, and are eligible to vote, it would make a change in the outcome of the vote," Ewings said.

The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority held the voter registration drive at Albany High, and will hold drives at other Dougherty County schools later this week. "We feel all students should be good citizens. And if you are a good citizen, that means you vote," A.K.A. President Mollie Brown said.

All of the students registering said they were anxious that their first vote would be cast in what they called an historic election in America.

 "It's exciting to have an African American and a female both running for President," Ewings said.

"An African American and a female going for president. So I think that will be a good way to change history, if I was to help," Shuler said.

All but one of the students we talked to said they were supporting Barrack Obama in the presidential race, and all said they were positive they would vote in November.

"This generation, we want to make a big difference. A big impact on our surroundings," Shuler said.

The organizers of this voter registration drive say that is very good news for the future of America.

ninety-seven students registered to vote at Albany High School. They have to be 17.5 years old, and will turn 18 before the November election. The Sorority will hold voter registration drives at Monroe and Westover High Schools Thursday.

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