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Move over Spring, Winter is back

April 14, 2008

Lee County--  Just when you were getting used to Spring weather, Mother Nature took a short turn back to Winter.

That's not good news if you already bought and planted some new flowers. Workers at Lawn Barber Nursery in Lee County spent the late Monday afternoon covering most of their tropical plants.

They say you should do the same or bring them in if you can. Monday night wasn't the biggest concern. Tuesday night will be even cooler. Frost can make the time and money spent on plants and flowers a waste.

"It'll destroy the buds on it, any bloom it has on it. They'll fall off. It can burn the leaves, nothing serious, just some cosmetic problems," said Manager Justin Powell.

Powell says it isn't a bad idea to water plants and flowers late in the day. Frozen droplets can actually help protect them from the frost. If you leave them outside, cover them with cheese cloth. That allows them to breathe while being protected.



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