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Battling substandard housing

April 14, 2008

Valdosta - Herbert and Ethel Spencer just celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary.

And they got one major gift from the City of Valdosta.  "This is like an anniversary present to us. A big one!" Herbert says.

The Spencer's now have a brand new home.

"I have a master bath and walk in closet here that I've never had before so I'm feeling pretty good about the whole thing," Ethel says.

"Its a very large room right here. I call it my comfort room," Herbert adds.

The Spencer's have one of nearly 60 substandard homes that the city, together with other organizations rehabilitate each year.

And putting a new roof over the couples heads brings the city one step closer to completing one of their biggest goals.  "We have a goal to eliminate substandard housing by 2020 in the city of Valdosta and everyday we are getting closer and closer to that goal," says Kelley Thomas, Community Development Block Grant Coordinator.

Valdosta leaders believe they've already repaired or rebuilt 30 percent of substandard homes in the city limits.

An ongoing effort that's paying off for so many. "We are very pleased!" Herbert says.  "It's a lot bigger.  A lot more room.  Very updated!"

And will help so many more over the next decade. 

To find out how to get your home repaired, click here.

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