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Flint Riverquarium still needs taxpayers help

April 14, 2008

Albany -- Attendance is up at the Flint Riverquarium, but they will still need help from taxpayers to stay afloat.

Attendance hasn't jumped much...just two percent.  Not enough to help the facility make ends meet. So now, they're requesting more money from the county, $300,000.

"We are going to be looking at this very closely in our budgetary process. We have to have some type of feel that everything from budgeting to the expertise of running the aquarium is going to be down in such a way that at some point it will be self-sustaining. And hopefully that point will be very, very soon," said Dougherty County Commission Chairman, Jeff Sinyard.

Last year, the Dougherty County Commission gave the Riverquarium $150,000 to help them avoid closure.

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