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Albany leaders begin work on bypass

April 14, 2008

Albany-  Gasoline prices are playing a big role in balancing Albany's budget for the next year. 

All Albany council members were in attendance at the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport to meet with department heads from Public Works, Police, Fire, Recreation, Enforcement, Legislative, and the Airport. Most department heads spoke about how high fuel prices have affected their bottom lines. The economy has also played a role and will likely mean higher fees for some services.

"Our rate increase are tied directly to the consumer price index, this year it was 2.9 percent which is going to cause your residential garbage and sewer rate to go up about .60 or .65 cents a household per month unfortunately that's not enough to cover all these extra increases in fuel what we've had to do is cut back on some of the things we're able to do and still provide the basic services," said Phil Roberson, Public Works Director. 

Alfred Lott told council members he's been meeting with department heads on a quarterly basis to review areas and identify cost overruns before they become an issue. The budget process will continue over the next several weeks.



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