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Robbery victim fights back

April 11, 2008

Albany -- An East Albany man fought back when two men tried to rob him with a toy gun.

Michael Giese went to the Winn Dixie on Sylvester Road about 11 Thursday night, to buy drinks at these soda machines. Two men jumped him,showing him a pistol and demanding his truck keys.

 But Giese says the gun was obviously a toy, there was an orange tip in the barrel. So he started swinging the drink cans at the robbers and fought his way back into his truck He sped off, and you can still see the burnt rubber in the parking lot where Giese went after the two robbers, chasing them across the parking lot. Giese said "spun it around, and then I decided I was going to chase them, try to run them over. One scaled the fence. The other one ran to the end of it, and as he got to the end of it I missed him by about two or three feet."

Giese called Police, who warned him that he would have been arrested if he had run the robbers down.

Giese admits he was mad, but he wasn't about to let anyone with a toy gun steal his truck.


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