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Teens educated about the dangers of tractor trailers on the road

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April 11, 2008

Albany-  Five thousand fatalities are caused every year by tractor trailer car crashes. Friday, students at Deerfield Windsor High School found out how they can avoid that type of crash.

Every 16 minutes, a person is killed or injured in a crash involving a big rig. It's often because passenger vehicles ride in a truck's blind spots. Today, students watched the results of tractor trailer, car collisions and got a chance to sit behind the wheel of a Semi to see what it's like for drivers.

"When they look in the mirror sitting in the truck they can't see the cars and hopefully that will register in their minds every time they get around a truck not to be in the blind spots," said Brian Dubberly, of the Georgia Road Team.

"For the blind spots, it really did have some blind spots, and you really couldn't see so I can imagine what they go through," said Quinton Adkins, Deerfield Windsor High School Sophomore.

Students were encouraged to buckle up every time they get in a car and warned about the dangers of distracted driving.

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