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An ASU Prof. gets a grant to make her dreams come true

April 11, 2008

Albany-  An Albany State University professor is getting a $100,000 grant to help make her dream of educating others about diabetes come true.

Just days before the application deadline, Albany State University Theatre Director Wendy Coleman saw an ad for the Bayer Dream Fund and decided to enter. She pitched a plan to write a full-length play educating people about her experience with diabetes after being diagnosed in May 2005. She won the competition, and now the play is almost ready for the stage.

"When I was first diagnosed I went into serious denial and the main character in the play goes through that same process but then she gets a visit from one of her ancestors she has like a scrooge moment where this ancestor her Aunt Bessie comes back and walks her through her family history and makes her realize that she has not only an obligation to her present family but her past and her future," said Coleman.

Coleman's entry was chosen out of 300 entries. She just started casting. The play will debut in Albany in August. The grant money will also help her take the play on the road to Montgomery, Jackson, Daytona, Orlando, and Dallas.



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