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Lee County Deputy Clerk Fired

April 10, 2008

Lee County -- The former Chief Deputy Clerk for Lee County Superior Court claims she got fired simply because she decided to run for her boss's job.

Sara Clark says that's the only reason she can come up with. She says clerk Sondra Cook walked into her office with this box yesterday and handed her a separation notice without any explanation.

Sara said she was surprised by her firing. "She told me to turn over my keys, just unexpectedly gave me a box, dropped it down by my feet, and said I need you to turn over your keys, and empty out your desk and exit the premises, and I was shocked.  I asked her why, I said Sondra you're kidding, and she said no I'm not."

Cook wouldn't talk to us today but issued a statement saying she fired Clark because she was taken off guard by her decision to run for the office.

Cook wrote "the fact that I had to learn of my position by reading it in the newspaper rather than my opponent discussing it with me indicated a lack of candor and reliability necessary in an office such as ours."

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