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What's the future for Georgia's DOT?

April 10, 2008

Albany -- Work on major road projects around the state could come to a grinding halt. The Georgia Department of Transportation is in a financial mess and simply doesn't have the money to pay for all the construction it promised. That could hurt economic development in the state.  

Orange barrels lining some roads across the state of Georgia could remain there for a much longer time if the Georgia Department of Transportation can't come up with the money to pay contractors.

Michael Meyer von Bremen said it is a sudden thing that happened today and my thoughts have been toward looking at some of the projects that I know are going on, and trying to receive input from the communities to determine what the consider to be a priority, and I know every community is going to see their road as a priority. Preliminary numbers show the D-O-T may not be able to pay up to one billion dollars in promised projects.

Many projects could be delayed for years. State senator Michael Meyer von Bremen says he won't sit back and watch that happen in south Georgia.

"it can be a problem down here if we don't go to bat, we've got a good board member that just got elected, Johnny Floyd, and I plan on talking to him about this when we get a chance."

To get a better handle on the problem, Governor Sonny perdue asked for an outside agency to audit the Georgia D-O-T.

One reason for such a big deficit lies two hours away near metro Atlanta where transportation dollars can't keep up with the booming population. A scenario that could affect businesses planning to re-locate to Georgia.

von Bremen said businesses could planning to relocate to Georgia could also suffer.  One thing for us in Southwest Georgia, with what we call the Moultrie Highway-133 being paved.

It's another way to attract businesses to this area. Businesses, that like the population, will need good roads to draw more people and industry to Southwest Georgia  

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